Australian Dating Sites


Over the past few years, more and more casual dating sites have arrived on the scene. This has enabled Australian singles to find a date without the need for traditional settings such as clubs or bars, which can be a difficult place to introduce yourself. Dating sites have given all us singles a new way to meet! But now, the sheer volume of dating sites out there makes it difficult to know which websites to trust, and which will meet our expectations. Many of us know couples who met online, and went on to have happy long-term relationships. They tell us the trick is to know what we want and be careful who we give our address to.


Our experts have taken on the role of a single person, but with the knowledge and experience of testing many different dating sites. They’ve done an in-depth comparison of these sites to give some guidance on the best choices available. Based on different criteria, they’ve classified and listed Australia’s best casual dating sites. For convenience, we have presented their finding in a comparison table where we highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each site. In addition to the feature comparison, we provide accurate statistics to direct you to the site (or sites) that suit you best.


We continuously review our recommendations and make adjustments to ensure our Top 10 list gives you the best casual dating sites for Australian singles. We recognise that you have high expectations and that the security of these sites is one of the most important factors. That is why we strive to be as clear as possible in the presentation of the sites we feature, so at a glance all the basic questions you may ask are already answered. Some of our criteria may seem subjective to you, but rest assured that our testers have used their common sense to give you as detailed a report as possible. Please don’t hesitate to send us ideas for the website such as new criteria, or even new dating sites to review. Hopefully, our site will be useful in your research, and our team wishes you every success in your online dating adventure!